ZAPPLIGHT Light Zapper Dual LED Light bulb and Bug MOSQUITO

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Indoor/outdoor light that kills flying insects and mosquitoes

  • ➤ Built-in UV light attracts pests
  • ➤ One bulb protects 500 square feet
  • ➤ 60 W LED bulb with a 600 lumen output
  • ➤ Includes 1 ZappLight bulb


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Zapplight combines a powerful LED Light with an effective electric zapper to solve one of life’s biggest problems: INSECTS!

Easy installation, screws into socket just like any other bulb!

(Cannot be used with dimmer switches or HID lamps)

Step 1: Turn power off

Step 2: Insert Zapplight into any 110V Socket

Step 3: Switch light on and the light zapper will activate (once the Blue LED Light is on, zapper is activated)

Step 4: To toggle modes, simply click the switch again

Buzzing, flying, stinging creatures that put your family in harm’s way are consistently destroyed with the latest technology in lighting.

Say goodbye to fruit flies, wasps, mosquitoes, gnats more with our silent exterminator. We have designed the best indoor/outdoor zapper on the market.

The Zapplight lures bugs into its blue/white light combination without releasing harmful toxins or sprays into the air. No attractant, chemicals or accessories required. Our product is safe for pets and children.

EASY TO CLEAN: Once the bulb cools down, simply unscrew and clean off insects with included brush.

Recommended for year round use. Perfectly eliminates flies from around garbage cans, diaper pails high traffic areas without interrupting humans. Great for pet stores

Tired of being bugged by blood thirsty mosquitoes We protect against the female biting mosquitoes.

Ideal lighting for throughout your home. Beneficial outdoors, prevent bites and stings around backyard ponds, pools, patios, decks and family gatherings.

We provide high quality lighting while conserving energy. Great for businesses, offices, stores, resorts and residential use.

Keep your Loved Ones Safe with Zapplight! Please click “” to purchase the Very First 2 in 1 Lightbulb/Bug Zapper Combination.

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ZAPPLIGHT Light Zapper Dual LED Light bulb and Bug MOSQUITO

Rs.899.00Rs.1,500.00 (-40%)