Air Fryers

  • Richsonic Oven with Air Fryer – 2kg/22l

    • Fast and Various Cooking
    • Stable Working and Tasty Grilling
    • Compact Size, Bigger Capacity
    • Premium quality product
    • Durable
    • Get this multi-purpose Toaster Oven and be the chef at home.
    • It lets you heat, bake, roast and fry unlimited number of delicious and healthy recipes for yourself and your loved ones.
    • This appliance has a stylish and durable design that makes it a long-term item for your kitchen.
    • It doesn’t even take much space, therefore you can easily place it in any space of your kitchen.
    • Its convenient heat operating switch for variable heating position with 60 minutes automatic timer to turn off
    • It has spacious interior for baking, roasting, toasting, rolls, breads, pizza, sausage and cookies and can also be used for defrosting frozen foods

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