• Baby Rocking Chair

    • Plastic Baby Rocker is an ultimate grow-with-baby rocker and seat.
    • Newborn children can enjoy a low-profile position that mother feel is a comfortable place to put babies for either rocking or sitting still and swing to soothe.
    • This rocker is specially designed in an attractive style which pleases the children and provides then a comfortable seating experience.
    • [ 600 X 325 X 475 mm]

    Baby Rocking Chair

  • Baby Comfort Play Gym

    • Multicolor
    • Character:Grow Healthy
    • Material: Plastic

    Baby Comfort Play Gym

  • Baby Safety Room (Mosquito Net)

    • Suitable for baby’s up to 0-18 months
    • Super comfortable polyester mattress and pillow (included) for your baby to sleep in. Great for camping and outdoor activities where a baby mosquito net is needed.
    • Twin-wire Breathable translucent net keeps for easy viewing of your baby, even when it is zipped up.
    • Light weight and convenient for travel. This fordable design makes it very portable for travelling and moving it around different locations
    • Zipper for easy access.
    • Indoors and Outdoors. Keep your baby away from mosquito, flies, insects and other annoying bugs, giving your baby a safe environment and great for outdoors.
    • Strong and durable. Guaranteed to last.

    Baby Safety Room (Mosquito Net)

  • Century Spring Inflatable Pool

    • Large inflatable pool can fit 2 babies.
    • Electronic Pump can use for inflate and deflate easily.
    • Super Thickening Material.
    • Each Layer come with independent air bag, doesn’t impact in case of leakage.
    • Rigid PVC Sidewall.
    • Constructed from high grade PVC material.
    • Inflation Nozzle allows for easy inflation.
    • Size : 130 cm x 95 cm x 45 cm

    Century Spring Inflatable Pool

  • Baby Shower Cap

    • Unisex Product
    •  When washing your baby’s hair, water will not run into your baby’s eyes, ear and face
    •  Protects your baby’s or toddler’s eyes from shampoo and water during bathing time
    •  When rinsing hair, this versatile shampoo cap/shield prevents shampoo and water from stifling/choking your baby as they are not able to hold or control their breaths
    •  Wearing the shampoo cap is an added safety precaution as shampooing becomes more manageable for both the child and the caregiver
    •  Ultra-soft state of the art eco-friendly material with good elasticity
    •  Comfortable and flexible for repeated use
    •  Convenient even for hair cuts to prevent the trimmed hair from entering your baby’s eyes/ears
    •  Safe and convenient. Can be easily packed for travel as well
    •  Soft and flexible to wear. Fits Child well
    •  Available in Blue and Pink (Subject to availability)

    Baby Shower Cap

  • 8 Pcs Baby Care Kit with Digital Thermometer

    • 8pcs/set baby care kit, especially designed for baby grooming and healthcare.
    • Kit includes comb, hair brush, aspirator nasal, digital thermometer, safe cleaning clip, nail clipper, medicine dispenser and scissors.
    • Unisex design, suitable for all newborns, infants and toddlers.
    • Made of safe plastic and environment-friendly silicone material, no smell, non-toxic, no harm to your baby.
    • All tools are well kept in a easy-to-carry package, you can carry them conveniently.
    • Comb
    • Hair Brush
    • Aspirator Nasal
    • Digital Thermometer
    • Safe Cleaning Clip
    • Nail Clipper
    • Medicine Dispenser
    • Scissors
    • Warning: This product contains items that have sharp edges and small parts. They are not toys. Adult supervision is required. Keep out of reach of small children at all times.
  • Baby Slapped Pad

    • Prevent Head Flat
    • Hand-eye Coordination
    • Perceived Ability
    • Motor Skills
    • Intestinal Motility Promotes Defecation
    • Color Perception
    • Visual Development
    • Promote Brain Development
    • Parent-child Interaction Enhances Feelings

    Baby Slapped Pad

  • Activity Playmat Gym

    • Quick Set Up No Complicated Assembly
    • Three Stages of Play : Lying back , Tummy Time, Sit & Play
    • Plush Dangling Toys
    • Provides Mental  & Physical Stimulation
    • Encourages Exercise & Muscle Development
    • Stimulates Eye Hand Co-ordination
    • Portable & Washable: padded mat is a machine washable
    • From ages 3month+
    • 2 soft overhead arches: designed for folding and portability

    Activity Playmat Gym

  • Play Tent Ball Pool

    • Bigger size, Bigger Door, Bigger Windows, More Airy than other China products available in India. Because it is Made in India.
    • Dimension: L X B X H: 90 X 90 X 95 Cm (36 x 36 x 38 inch)
    • Feature: Folded, Good quality Treated, Portable, Durable and good ventilation. Play and stay.
    • It is made with Non weaver fabric and semi Steel Pipe. Buy Sasimo tent houses for your children from Sasimo.
    • Material: Non-toxic material. Ideal For: Boys and Girls

    Play Tent Ball Pool

  • Beauty House Play Tent Ball Pool

    •  Practical wind- and sun protection
    • Great venue or withdrawal possibility for children
    •  Incl. 200 balls in different colors
    •  Easy to clean
    •  Removable roof
    •  Durable material
    •  Quickly set up and dismantled
    •  Versatile
    •  Perfect on holiday and away on travel

    Beauty House Play Tent Ball Pool

  • Piano Fitness Rack Play Gym

    • Soft blanket and soft lighting
    • Cute bear pendant can be removed and play as baby rattle
    • Helps to stimulate baby’s senses through sight, touch and sound.
    • The kick and play piano encourages your baby to use natural kicking motions to made delightful things happen.

    Piano Fitness Rack Play Gym

  • Magic Track 18 FT

    • 100% brand new & high quality
    • Color: colorful ( it’s shipping via random colors)
    • the race track is flash in dark
    • 220pcs of four models for you to select.
    • with 2pc LED car (blue and red), it’s need extra buy battery to work

    Magic Track 18 FT


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